Geo-Fencing Via Mobile Device ID

Geo-Fencing Via Mobile Device ID

Make a best offer to your competitor’s customers before they buy

Highly targeted ads using geo-fencing
A Captured Mobile Device ID insures the ads are hitting the right audience 24/7
This is new, record setting, technology that is a must for any dealer who has a group of competitors in their marketplace.
Reduce your spend rate and increase your sales. Ad=s are sent across over 500,000 view points including social media, games, apps, cnn, weather msnbc, Google Display Network. We win the keyword auctions and push your message and win virtually all the QPS battles.

Why Is Geofencing So Effective?

Figure most PPC advertisers use the commercial fisherman approach and cast a giant net hoping to get mutiple in-market buyers to see there display ads.  This method works, however, the SSP AND DSP ad buying bidding process will cost a lot if you want to have your display and banner ads on the tens of thousands GDN sites, games and apps.  Using Geotargeting to device ID’s will alleviate a vast portion of that ad spend and allow you to reapportion to virtually guarantee the winning bid.


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January 30, 2018